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     We now offer additional services to go along with everything else. Sprinklers system installation and repairs, flagstone patios and fencing.

     In the state of Oklahoma one thing you can count on is not knowing what mother nature will bring to us this season. One year we are in an incredible drought the next year we have the wettest year on record. Installing a sprinkler system is one way to help ensure a lush healthy lawn and enough moisture to keep all the plants you paid for alive even in the heat of summer. Keeping your property properly watered can also help with foundation issues over time.

     Have a dirt patch that nothing wants to grow on? Enjoy spending time in your backyard but tired of the dirt? Flagstone patios are a beautiful way to enhance that back yard and expand your entertainment space. Durable and long lasting compared to a wooden deck and a wonderful way to accent  your landscaping.

     Do you have nosey neighbors? I know I do. JD's Lawns and Landscapes now offers fencing as well. We can repair your old fence or just remove it completely and put in a beautiful wood fence. We offer staining and sealing as well at an additional cost.

Please note we do require a deposit for these types of jobs. Labor is something we will not owe if the job is never done but materials are something we don't enjoy holding on to until hopefully someone who wants the exact same thing installed. We do free estimates so give us a call if your interested. Here are a few pics  so you can see what you get. Keep in mind these are new services so there will be more pics to come.

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